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Pork Chop Shop Experts - West Side Market - Cleveland

We are Pork Specialists

Holding the title for The West Side Market’s sole pork stand, The Pork Chop Shop specializes in delivering the healthiest pork possible.

Lady Butchers and The Butcher Babes

In addition to our Christmas Ale Bacon- we are also featuring…

It's about sharing the love.

Here at the west side market- we are family. Harb's produce-…
Cleveland's Pork Provider

Cleveland's Butcher Babe Goodness is Everywhere!

What's life without Friends and Partners? Check out some of…
Whole pig breakdown with Emma

Whole hog breakdown

Come see Emma in action! We are buying whole pigs at the West Side Market.

Coming Soon-New Apparel

Stay posted for new apparel from The Pork Chop Shop. We will…
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Your favorite Butcher Babes have teamed up with Melissa Khoury…